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Over Grown Yard

I just bought a house in February. I loved the yard it is very large for a city lot. Now it is spring and man there is so much work to do and i do not where to start. There are over grown vines, some kind of small purple flowers everywhere. It looks like the yard has not been taken care of in years please Help =). Any type of ideas to start would be helpful. Plus i am kinda new to this taking care of your yard thing. Here are some pictures. One was taken next to the back porch. the other 2 are the front and back halves of the yard.

Re: Over Grown Yard

Weed and feed the yard or use Scott's turf builder to get rid of the purple flowers (I would think it's hen bit or violas) Once you've fertilize the yard, attack the vines.

Unfortunately vines are going to be a long term project every 6 weeks forever. Always wear long sleeves and gloves working with these vines because you never know what you (or someone in the household) might be allergic to. Every stitch of clothing should be washed twice immediately after you come in for the day, don't sit on anything unless it's covered with towels for breaks. Just wash those towels and the clothing together in very hot water. TWICE.

Re: Over Grown Yard

Thanks well that is a start. I am almost regretting this House... Oh well it will be nice once its done.

Re: Over Grown Yard

I find working in the yard very relaxing...even if I'm heaving stones to make a wall.

Try to enjoy it and not let it overwhelm you. Creating a nice yard, house, etc. can make one feel pretty darn good.

That said, sometimes people are just condo folk. Nothing wrong with that either.

Re: Over Grown Yard

I found myself in the same place a couple of months ago and still. I found it best to work section by section. We just bought a new house in the city(no burning) had stuff from two hurricanes. (down trees, stumps, vines, 2 ft deep pine straw, trash). It is very overwhelming. I still get upset when I look at parts of my yard. But hang in there!!!!

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