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Oven too close wall

I just finished remodeling my kitchen. Partly myself, partly done by contractors.

When the cabinets were put in, they made it so that the opening for the oven was very tight. The oven now sits less than 1/2" to an adjacent wall. I'm worried about a fire hazard now.

I thought about lining the wall with ceramic tile, but honestly I don't think the oven would squeeze in after that. I also thought about a metal flashing on the wall, but then thought metal conducts heat.

My last idea is to cut into the wall and make a "buildt in" wall cavity, so I can add tile.

What else could I do short of tearing out the cabinets and newly installed granite counters?

Any Ideas?


Re: Oven too close wall

I think the first thing I would do is get the manufacturers spec sheet and see what/if they recommend for clearance.

I would not be surprized to see 0". You may not have the issue you think you do.

Dunno, just a thought.

Re: Oven too close wall

You might consider lining the wall with Radiant Barrier ( which is basically Al foil) as it reflects heat and the heat transfer from Oven to wall would be by radiation.

One problem is the Al foil is shiny which may present a visual you, or wife maynot like.


Re: Oven too close wall

Ditto what Kent said, check your installation specs for the necessary clearances, you may be OK.

I am a little cornfused, but that is not unusual for me....is it the wall below cabinet level next to the oven or the wall above the oven, next to the burners you are concerned about (or both, or are there no burners since it is only an oven as I initially assumed)?? :confused:

We also are in the midst of a kitchen remodel, ours is a built in oven which may be a little different than yours, but there is a little less than an inch clearance from the sidewall of the oven to the inside of the cabinet it sits in. This amount of clearance is fine for our oven.

Re: Oven too close wall

Even if it meets code (which around here is minimum 6" clearance), it's poor kitchen design. The wall is going to be filthy most of the time. Wait til the first time that you fry bacon on that side of the range, and you'll see what I mean.

Add a sheet of stainless steel to the sidewall. It'll help protect the wall from both heat & grease, and is easy to clean.

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