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outside door won't stay open

We have put up a new door to the outside (storm door is between it and outside). However, the door will not stay open! It wants to swing closed! Is there a way to make it stay open, so that we can enjoy the air through the screen in the storm door? My husband thinks that he heard about adjusting the hinges a little, and that will keep it open more. Is this right? Thank you!

Re: outside door won't stay open

We have put up a new door to the outside

Does this include a new door frame as well?
Generally if the door wants to swing shut it usually means the frame is out of plumb.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: outside door won't stay open

or mabe a breeze stirred up with another opening and the wind sucks the door closed this happens easily when a door is perfectly installed level and plumb and the pressures get imbalanced inside to outside.

the other thing is if a prehung did you replace some of the shipping short hinge screws with long enough screws to bite into the framing to not have stress spring the hinges.

Re: outside door won't stay open

If all elese fails, pull one of the hinge pins, lay it on a solid surface, and tap it in the center with a hammer to get a slight bend, reinstall. That will usually get enough of a bind to hold the door in what ever position you put it.

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