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I'm looking for information regarding an install of an outdoor plug. I'm familiar with an outdoor box, but have some questions regarding it. I would like to utilize an existing hole in my house to run the wires through, but it's currently 6 inches (or less) from a gutter downspout. Is this too close for comfort? Also, if I'm understanding correctly, I need to run a GFCI outlet. How do these wire into existing plugs- is there a diagram I can look for this information?

Thanks a lot.

Daniel G.

Re: outdoor plug

The location of outdoor receptacles is generally stated as "accessible from grade" and "within 25 ft of the air conditioner outside unit" or "one on the front of a home and one in the back".

Installing a receptacle within 6" of a gutter or behind a gas or water meter or a water spigot or other equipment etc. doesn't sound like a good idea.

A standard box can be set into the wall of a building without special connectors.

Or on the surface of the building using a water tight box. It would then require a watertight compression connector.

Any receptacle now requires an "in-use" cover which allows you to insert the receptacle cap (plug) and close the cover.

Commercial buildings or installations now require durable metal covers whereas residential receptacles can be plastic.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

Re: outdoor plug

Id agree with semi in the sense thats its not a good idea to be 6" below the gutters.. the in use covers they make are IMHO a POS. :) water will end up gettin into the outlet, and eventullay trip out the GFI..

Re: outdoor plug

Just remember: you can't seal water out, but you sure can seal it in. Water WILL find it's way in, no matter how well you seal it up.

It might be a good idea to drill a small (1/8") drain hole in the bottom of the box.

Re: outdoor plug

[QUOTE=sparky1]its not a good idea to be 6" below the gutters..QUOTE]

it's currently 6 inches (or less) from a gutter downspout
Why cant you use a cover thats in the link below ???


Re: outdoor plug

in response to Gizmo.. I never said you cant put the outlet 6 inches or less next to a gutter. I said "its not a good idea." Ive worked with bubble covers enough to know there, IMO, junk. There usually water tight at first. Then pretty soon after using it a few times the covers getting knocked off, broke and or missing. Im simply saying I wouldnt subject the outlet (any more than i have to) of water getting into it.. Its not my house or my outlet, so for all i care they can put it in gutters.. Fence post is right too, water will get in, but mysteriously it doesnt get out!!

Re: outdoor plug

Good advice fencepost, 1/8" drain hole is found in lots of 3R panels. At the very least I always tighten the top of a condulet or weather tight box and leave the bottom just finger-tight.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

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