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Outdoor decoration need to knows

I want to create a stone looking structure for my yard. I was told to use molasses in the quickcrete to make it stronger, use a concrete tint or dye to get a better color, and to use a solvent based sealer so that it will last longer and survive the weather changes. I would like to have some verification of this information if anyone can help me out. The basic structure will be a column of sorts, but I want it to look like stone, not just plain concrete. I was thinking about using a wooden and wire frame and applying the concrete mix directly to it, shaping it as I add to it. If anyone knows more about this sort of thing or has a better idea/way of doing it, please let me know.

A. Spruce
Re: Outdoor decoration need to knows

Sugar makes cement weaker, not stronger. If you want strong, yet a bit more flexible, then use a latex additive. I've seen some old timers use Elmer's white glue, can't say whether this is a good idea or not.

As for coloring cement, yes, there are a number of dye powders you can use to get just about any color of concrete you want. Follow the label for use and care.

As for creating a faux stone look, unless you are a very good artist and familiar with the materials you're handling, don't bother, you're just going to make a mess. Why not purchase some real stone or faux stone and then build your sculpture with that? You would set them in place, then mortar the spaces between, which is going to give you the look you're after.

Re: Outdoor decoration need to knows

Its the lime in concrete that makes it plastic like and more workable. Use a pre-bagged mix made for setting brick and block. To set the veneer stone, use what the stone manufacturer says. Laticrete has a whole system for this.

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