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Outdoor Dance Floor

I’m looking for ideas for a material that I can use to create a permanent outdoor dance floor. I have an existing 16’x20’ concrete slab in my back yard in west central Florida, which I would like to turn into a professional party dance floor. I originally thought about installing a wood composite deck on top of the slab. However, because it requires gaps to allow for drainage and ventilation, I rejected the idea. It would not work, because high heel dance shoes would get caught in the gaps.

It would be ideal if there were some type of material that can be applied to the surface of the slab, whether in the form of a sheet good, like vinyl flooring or applied topping, like rolled-on paint. Wood floors are perfect for dancing on, because the material gives somewhat to the pressure of walking on it. Concrete, tile, and stone are exhausting and painful to dance on for any length of time. Therefore, I would like to find something that would resemble the softer properties of wood, but without the drawbacks of its vulnerability to weather, sun, and insects.

Some of the requirements are as follows:
1. Resistance to UV rays, insects, rot, and any other damage from Florida’s harsh weather elements.
2. Flat, smooth, level surface without cracks, gaps, or warping.
3. “Giving” density, so it will be easy on the feet and legs after hours of dancing.
4. Surface that will allow gliding, spinning, and turning (but not slipping) of suede-bottomed shoes.
5. Permanence and durability, to last several years of dancing and exposure to outdoor elements.
6. Wash ability with a garden hose and broom.

ANY suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. David

Re: Outdoor Dance Floor

Possibly an epoxy finish. The can be specified with UV resistant topcoats. I don't know if it would hold up outside in FL. though.
I know vinyl dance floor surfaces are available for use over slabs. I don't know if they can be used outside.
Manufactures names aren't coming to me, but they can be searched for.

Re: Outdoor Dance Floor

Judging by your "some of the requirements" list, I understand that you want a floor as nice as the one on the set of "DANCING WITH THE STARS".

Am I correct?

Re: Outdoor Dance Floor
dj1 wrote:

Judging by your "some of the requirements" list, I understand that you want a floor as nice as the one on the set of "DANCING WITH THE STARS".

Am I correct?

Does not have to be that great. Just can't be really hard on the feet like marble or smooth concrete is. Dance shoes are very thin, and these hard surfaces tend to really hurt your feet.

A. Spruce
Re: Outdoor Dance Floor

Do some research into track and field track coatings. The ones I've seen are a thick rubber based product, which could be applied over your existing slab. The surface is dense enough not to be a hazard in heels, but soft enough that long durations of standing or dancing won't fatigue the body.

This search: track and field track coating
Resulted in this link: http://www.plexipave.com/track/component_products.html

I'm sure you'll find many others.

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