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OTR microwave venting problem - stud in the way

I am completing a kitchen renovation that included new cabinets. The layout was changed slightly to allow for cabinet symmetry, which was a bad choice it seems. I want to install an OTR microwave, and I discovered that the old rectangular vent penetration is both 6" lower than required and offset by 3" horizontally - of course with a stud blocking the way.

1. How does one deal with the stud problem? Changing the cabinet layout is not an option at this point.
2. Assuming #1 can be fixed, can rectangular elbows be used to allow for venting out the current opening to avoid making new holes in the side of the house?
3. If 1 or 2 won't work, am I restricted to recirculation mode? Venting up is not an option.


Re: OTR microwave venting problem - stud in the way

If it were my house and I had no other option and it was not a supporting wall I would cut the stud. Good Luck!!! :)

Re: OTR microwave venting problem - stud in the way

i have the same problem. my stud is located olmost exactly centered on the opening above my stove. Every over-the range microwave oven that i have seen has a center exhaust. The wall is perfect for ventillation otherwise because it is an exterior wall. This however makes it a load-bearing wall. Thus my question. Can i cut out a hole an frame it with 2x4's or do i have to do the full monty and install header, etc? What if the roof truss does not rest on top of that particular stud but rather the next one?



Re: OTR microwave venting problem - stud in the way

We did some work on New Construction, A/C and Heat, complete systems, but the guy that gave us the job told us that we were responsible for venting the Microwaves to the outside. I haven't seen a Microwave that gets mounted under a Cabinet that's less than 14 1/2 inches wide of late, and even if there was I no of no Framer that's going to figure out the spacing so you don't have to cut a stud. I cut them, but not before letting the Contractor know what I was going to do, he gave the OK. I seriously doubt that one stud will make any diff. but I'm also not a Lic. contractor. If it were my house I'd cut the stud, just make sure it isn't a king or jack stud. Good Luck !!! :)

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