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Original Charm Vs. Open Space

I recently purchased a home that was built in the 1920's. The kitchen is so tiny that I was looking at possibly tearing down a few walls and open up the kitchen to the dining and living rooms. However, by doing so, I will be knocking out the built-in china hutch in the dining room. Would knocking down that wall take value away from the house?

Re: Original Charm Vs. Open Space

Only you can determine which one is more valuable to you.

Personally, I need a kitchen which is bigger than "so tiny".
The hutch? it's nice to have but is not as functional as a roomier kitchen.

Re: Original Charm Vs. Open Space

A usable family kitchen has more value than original floor layout.

Re: Original Charm Vs. Open Space

If you're dealing with "antiques", a modification would harm the item. However, this is a house which has very practical uses, and here, better or intelligent design triumps over original charm.
Thus, my opinion is that better design with compatible materials/look is preferred over original charm and limited utility.

Many people muck it with a design that is different (but not better) and go cheap or invoke bad taste (incompatible w/ original materials or look), creating an abomination.

In this respect, I have a pet peeve about HGTV, TOH, DIY, etc. -- we don't get Mike Holmes or Norm Abramson doing our projects; we get varying levels of competence, and I can say that checking references and paying a fair price still can still result in poor results.

We also don't get the designing help that can pull together the look you want; great workmanship with bad design is a still killer. My blood curls when I see shows with "makeovers" of $2,000 or ($100,000) - - the shows provide skilled workers, project management expertise and good-to-excellent designers, which have a value of about 100% of the shows' $2,000 (or $100,000) "budget" -- ordinary people have to pay for it but it's never disclosed in those shows.

I'm finished with my rant.

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