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original bath tub spout

We are in the midst of selling our 1875 home and had an inspector tell us the bathroom tub spout is improperly installed because the spout is below the tub rim-cross connection. Although we we upset that the inspector was so hard-nosed about this, we felt we should comply.

To remedy the issue, a the spout was turned upside down and a copper pipe was attached to the end. The water spout is now above the tub rim. This was the only way to keep the unique original hardware and resolve the inspectors issue.

Do you feel this solves the issue? The water flows nicely from the new spout, there are no leaks, and it still has an old-time feel to it.

Please share your thoughts.

A. Spruce
Re: original bath tub spout

I would tell that inspector to "bite me"! Assuming that this was a home inspector and not a building inspector, that looks to be a vintage tub and hardware, which he has no business raising offense to. While your fix does cure what the inspector was whining about, it is an eye sore and detracts from the authenticity and feel of the tub and room. Hopefully it is reversible. IMHO, home inspections are for the buyer to pay for and they are to note safety issues and general conditions of the property. You as a seller do not need to hire a home inspector nor do you have to comply with any recommendations made by them.

The only required repairs would be mandated by a pest inspector - again calling concern to the structure, not aesthetics or "potentials". Depending on the type of loan the buyer is going after, other minor details may be a "requirement" by the title/mortgage lender, however, you as the seller do not have to make repairs just to appease a home inspector or a potential buyer. If you negotiate them as part of the terms of sale to remediate "home inspection concerns", that is another story.

Re: original bath tub spout

I agree with Spruce that if it is a home inspector you do not need to correct the existing condition. The issue however that he has is somewhat legitimate. If the level of the water gets high enough to cover the faucet there is a slight potential for dirty water from the tub getting back into the water system. If you were concerned you could actually install a couple of backflow preventers on the water lines to prevent this from happening. Should satisfy the inspector too. Hope this helps you out.


Re: original bath tub spout

"Home Inspectors" Are the most over paid idiots in the world? When I need a laugh, I pull out the three ring binder the fool that inspected my place left, and I paid money for the report on my home..... 100% BS!

The man was a moron.

Geek, Freak with pen in pocket trying to prove value in life.

These people have not a clue.

Re: original bath tub spout

Thank you for your input. The fix we did, is reversible so the people who do purchase the place will be able to easily go back to the original. Yes, we agree with all your comments. The reason we had to do the fix is because we are dealing with my work's relocation company. They will make an offer if we do not sell through a realtor. Seeing they could be the potential buyer, this was one of their requirements or no buy-out. Needless to say, we were pretty peeved about this one and just had to "spout" off somewhere. Thank you again for your comments.

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