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Order a Survey before you send workman on the neighbors property

Dear TOH,

Our new neighbor sent large Tongans on our property to tear out a chain link fence, steal an existing privacy cedar fence, tear out the vines growing up our garage wall, throw 100's of cubic feet of dirt across the property line against our cedar fence and length of our garage, and tried to steal 3' x 104' of our lot. I kept my cool until the Tongans left, and called SLC Building Services and politely requested an inspector come and access the situation. The new neighbor was ordered to get a survey, retain his soil from crossing the property line, as well as the water from his sprinklers over spray that flood our garage, etc. The weekend rush job survey, new privacy fence and retaining wall ended up costing the new neighbor thousands of dollars, and ended up ruining our relationship. The SLC Police Department posted "No Trespassing" signs along the property line facing his house, The new neighbor couldn't even change out a door knob when he first moved in, but SLC allowed him to build a cedar fence. Although his fence has three rails, he only used one or two screws to attach a slat. When the wind blows, the neighbors new fence sounds like a percussion instrument.
The cedar fence/cinder block configuration is my fence, and an original design.

Re: Order a Survey before you send workman on the neighbors property

Ouch. ALWAYS. Always. Get a survey!!!!

My parents had a similar issue. They bought some acreage in a rural community. After two years, a someone bought adjacent property and the person he bought it from told him his property "extended to the tree with the rag tied around it". Apparently, that's all he got, and began building his house. My parents did not live on the property so by the time they realized the construction way in the back corner, he had already poured his foundation and it was a foot over the property line. Clearly not dealing with an educated man, they didn't make him tear out his foundation but they did sell him a quite expensive chunk of their property to get him within zoning rules saying how far he had to be from the nearest property line when building. Always get a survey!!!!

A. Spruce
Re: Order a Survey before you send workman on the neighbors property

This doesn't sound like a survey problem, it sounds like a jerk of a neighbor trying to take advantage! Thankfully TigerMuse was able to get some resolution and help from the powers that be, that often isn't the case. It sounds to me that this neighbor would have been a pain in the butt regardless of this incident.

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