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One piece shower was installed incorrectly

I've moved into this house a year ago and have put up with the master bath shower that was installed incorrectly. The one piece stall was put in with very little support in the space between to fiberglass floor and the sub floor underneath. It sqweeks and flexes quite a bit but has not broken (YET!)

Is there any way to build up the space without trashing the stall? Is it worth saving or should I just rip it out and put in a one piece pan and tile the walls? I had thought of injecting some type of resin or expanding foam but would that create more problems down the line?

I'm 99% sure the subfloor has no damage since it is strong, clean and dry underneath. The bath is over the garage in a split level. I had thought of doing any foam injection from the bottom and patching the hole from underneath. Is this a bad idea?

A. Spruce
Re: One piece shower was installed incorrectly

If you can gain access to the underside of the pan through an adjoining wall, then you can mix up a batch of stiff mortar and pack it under the pan. You want the mortar to be the consistency of wet sand or slightly wetter, just enough so that it stays clumped together and doesn't sag when left alone.

I personally am not a fan of fiberglass units. A pan only is one thing, but a full enclosure is just too cheap looking and feeling for me. Since there are no leaks or problems with the shower/pan, then there is no rush to replace it unless you would prefer having tile.

Re: One piece shower was installed incorrectly

I'm ripping this out. Now that I know there is a sane material out there for making a proper sloped bed for someone like me that has never done it. I found this.


There is a local dealer here in GA and I'm going to see them next week. Thanks for the inspiration. I think this is cheap junk too and reminds me of every apartment I lived in.

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