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Older wood flooring in a 70's house with slab?

A friend re-did a house from the 40's or 50's (pier and beam). She pulled out 2 types of flooring, because they didn't match. She's offered to give me these 2 different types of solid wood flooring. I have no idea of the types, i haven't seen it yet. Whatever flooring was there was probly original to the house or the addition-everything else that was in the house was (windows, doors, electrical, fixtures, etc).

I have a house built in the 70's, on a slab. The slab is about 2 feet above ground in the back of the house, and 6" above the ground in the front of the house. THere would not be enough flooring for the entire house, but i could redo one or 2 rooms.

Today i have learned that solid wood and slabs don't seem to mix well. But most of what i have read/found refers to new construction and/or new flooring, neither of which applies to me.

Is this an idea i need to give up? The fact that the flooring itself will be free or nearly free is making me somewhat pig headed.

I live in Central Texas, where we've had the wettest year i can remember this year. We're not normally this humid.

I appreciate your thoughts and advice, and links, as i've never before had much interest in flooring besides the thought that someday i'd like to have wood.

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