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Older Toilet Seat Woes

I have a Crane Criterion toilet which I cannot find a seat to fit. The bowl itself dips ergonomically downward, but this means that the flat toilet seats in the stores don't quite work. Specifically, they snap in half from the stress of supporting all of a person's weight on the very tip and rear of the seat. This hasn't happened while I use it, because I'm a rather small person, but it's very distressing when it happens to visitors. Additionally, modern hardware doesn't work with my toilet, so I have to drill new holes into seats to fit the original hardware. I'm thinking of somehow attaching thick rubber bumpers to the underside of the seat to make contact with the bowl and better distribute weight when someone is using the toilet. I've also tried to find the "saddle seats" to fit this toilet, but they don't seem to exist anymore. Any thoughts?

Re: Older Toilet Seat Woes

One thing you could do is have someone (a woodworker) make you some custom supports that fill the gap between the modern seat and the toilet rim. With the toilet seat in place as you have it you could make a template of sorts by filling in the gap between the seat and the rim with some modeling clay or some other medium that will set and hold its shape. When the clay is set and firm you could take it to a custom woodworking shop and have them make you some inserts (for lack of a better word) and screw these inserts into the toilet seat (through the bottom) so that the seat is supported around its entire circumference. If and when you buy a new seat in the future you could unscrew the inserts from the old seat and put them on the new seat.

This could be expensive unless you make it yourself. The custom piece would be an unusual shape and require a bit if time to make. It might be cheaper to buy a new toilet. But that’s your call.

Maybe someone else has some better ideas but that’s what I would do.

Good luck!

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