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Older Faucet Repair


I have been unsuccessful at fixing my older shower faucets. One faucet broke to pieces. I have been to a few places but the universal options have not reached the existing stem. Either too small to fit stem or too large to fit inside the finishing ring.
I do not want to replace the whole shower. I could really use some good advice. Unfortunately, I could not attach my photos.

Re: Older Faucet Repair

-What exactly is wrong with your faucets?
-What do you mean by "one faucet broke to pieces"?
-By "universal options" do you mean faucet handles?

Re: Older Faucet Repair

To add to dji's questions is there a manufactures name on the faucet? We need more information to be of help.


Re: Older Faucet Repair

and -

Can you get access to the rear of the faucet by cutting through the drywall on the other side?

Re: Older Faucet Repair

Sorry I was not clear.

- I am trying to replace the faucet handles
- One of them broke into several pieces when the water was
being turned off.
- Yes, I meant universal faucet handles to replace old ones
- There is no manufacturer name on the one good faucet handle
- There is a panel behind the back wall of the shower for
plumbing but it is not convenient to access

What if I try getting a different finishing ring, would the adapter for the new faucet fit then?

Thanks for your input. :)

Re: Older Faucet Repair


1. Your old faucet is not leaking, the stems are in good operating cndition with good heads to accept universal handles...
2. You prefer not to change the faucet body inside the wall...

...you could just fit in the new universal handles.

They are called universal, because they can fit all types of stems, regardless the shape and broach. Follow the instructions on the package. Most likely, there is a retainer screw that has to be tightened, to secure the grip on the stem's head.

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