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Older Craftsman Table Saw Model #?

I recently purchased an older (probably about 12-15 yrs) Craftsman table saw. I can't find a Model # anywhere on the exterior of the saw. Does anyone know where to look to find the model #. I've tried on-line, with no success, and I can't find any 'Sears' repair shop number to call; even my nearest Sear store is of no help.

The saw is a direct drive, with the miter & height adjustment done from the same wheel. [To do miter adjustments, you move a leaver behind the adjustment wheel up (counter clockwise), then wind the wheel, to do blade height adjustments you move the lever down (clockwise) and wind the wheel.] This model also has the sliding plate rather than a slotted miter gauge track.

My goal is to learn how to make adjustments to the saw blade so that I get true 90 degree cuts. Apparently the blade isn't 100% parallel. If standing if front of the blade (looking at the edge of the blade), the backside of the blade is slightly more to the left than the front. I believe the blade is at a right angle to the table top, just skewed slightly (I guess that would be the X axis). In the manuals I've found on a Craftsman Table Saw (non of which matched my saw) there appears to be adjustment screws that are intended to 'zero' the saw blade. Of course, none of those are present on my specific saw.

Can anyone offer suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


A. Spruce
Re: Older Craftsman Table Saw Model #?

You will likely have to shim between the motor and it's mounts to change this.

For the model/serial #, have you turned the saw upside down and looked inside the stand/base area? Less likely is that there may be a sticker on the motor.

Re: Older Craftsman Table Saw Model #?

I found the model number 315.221850, apparently a BT3000 clone (about 12-15 yrs old).

Anyone know how to adjust the blade to make it square? The only adjustment I've been able to determine is to adjust the sliding 'miter tray'; there are set-screws to true the fence.


Re: Older Craftsman Table Saw Model #?

On most of those type saws the motor and trunnion assembly is mounted on he bottom of the table top. The mounting usually needs to be loosened and shims installed or the assemble tapped into place and the mounting screws tightened.

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