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Old Schoolhouse remodel

My family owns land that has an old schoolhouse on the property.  There have been a few schoolhouses built on the grounds based on an old booklet my grandmother has kept in the family and tells about the history of our area from the years between 1853 - 1953.  This brick version that is still standing was built in 1895 and was named Bloody Corner School.

We have only used the building as a form of cold storage for our family and friends but it has always been a little dream of mine to renovate the inside to make it a livable space.  The building itself has held up pretty well, bricks and all.  The only thing that's starting to visibly fall apart is the wooden corn crib that was added on by my family who knows when.  Our family has owned the property for well over 100+ years maybe even 150. 

I don't want to let the building fall into ruin like so many of the rest of the brick schoolhouses in the area.  It seems like a very specific sort of project and I haven't been able to find a whole lot of info on how people go about converting these types of old buildings properly without taking away from its original structure.  It does have electricity running into it for a few outlets and lights but that's about it.  If there are any things I should look out for to make sure everything is structurally sound please let me know.  Any links to information pertaining to how I could potentially restore/renovate this building is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.


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