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Old paint keeps showing through

I'm trying to paint a white door and banister in our 90 year old house. They are currently white, but there is red coming through. I've tried priming and painting twice and have now tried priming with an oil based primer. It looks like it is going to cover, but after a couple minutes the red starts showing through again. It seems like some type of chemical reaction? I thought the oil based primer would do the trick. Any other suggestions??

A. Spruce
Re: Old paint keeps showing through

Whenever you go from a dark to light color, you MUST prime, and you MUST use a stain blocking primer, the better two on the market are Kilz Original (red label ), and Zinnser BIN primer (red label ). Be careful using these, as they require a solvent to clean up, read the label which solvent (paint thinner or alcohol )

Of the two, I'd say the Zinnser BIN is probably the better choice.

Re: Old paint keeps showing through

I don't think you are seeing old paint bleeding through, but rather an old fashioned aniline dye which was commonly used in the early part of the last century. A very red, deep mahogany color was often used. These dyes are very difficult to block. They come right through lacquer, oil, alcohol and water based primers. Ja, that is all the common primers! The only way I know to totally kill the leeching through of the dye is to strip the wood and bleach it with an oxalic acid bleach or oxygen type bleach like peroxide to get rid of the dye. Stripping alone does not get rid of the dye, it can actually make it worse by freeing it from the grain. It has to be neutralized by the bleach.

My guess is that the woodwork was originally this dark mahogany stain and so long as it was just varnished, the bleed through was not evident. The problem was in late years as styles changed and people wanted lighter painted woodwork.

Re: Old paint keeps showing through

I effectively used Zinsser Bin white pigmented shellac (spray can or brush on) to stop a marker bleeding through various products.

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