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Old Ice Chest

We have a wonderful 100 year old walk-in ice closet/chest off the kitchen which we're now using as an overflow coat closet. It has a 10 foot ceiling, just like the kitchen. Has anyone ever converted one into, say, a small off-the-kitchen bathroom?? Any other ideas for uses in a kitchen that already has all the storage I will ever need?

Re: Old Ice Chest

I'm fascinated with the idea of an ice room off the kitchen! What kind of homeowner/builder would even think of such a thing? ANd why so big?
How did you know it was for ice? Is it set up or insulated differently?

I don't see a problem with making a bedroom out of it if there are necessary facilities close to it... my father's idea of the perfect house was to have a very big kitchen with a fireplace, and lots of room to sit and yack it up, with sleeping cubicles around it. hahah! you can guess where we spent much of our time - where the action is.

Do you want a game room, or 'safe room', or tv room, exercise room, library... there are lots of possibilities....
Does it open to the outside? How about a mud room?

Re: Old Ice Chest

Marjorie, he said bathroom what do you have on your mind?:D
Ice rooms where fairly common in some areas before refrigeration. The ice was cut, usually from a river, during the winter and stored in them.

A couple of things you'll have to take into consideration, most of the ice rooms I have seem where almost air tight and the floors and walls where very thick.


A. Spruce
Re: Old Ice Chest

Marjorie, he said bathroom what do you have on your mind?:D

I don't know about you, but I like Marjorie's thinking. :D:p;);)

All kidding aside, if there is already sufficient storage and pantry space within the kitchen, then a bathroom makes good sense. Depending no the layout of the room to the house and exterior, possibly a mud room or laundry room would make better sense in this location, and convert other mud/laundry areas to a bathroom. While a bathroom would be convenient to those working in the kitchen, it may not be so convenient to others, particularly when those others are getting in the way of the kitchen workers.:D

Re: Old Ice Chest

eeeek - y ou fellas are incorrigible!!! :o:eek:
LOL!! :-D

Actually, i didn't mean that 'what kind of builder' remark in a bad way - I was impressed that someone was forward thinking enough to do that.

My grandfather and his father built ice houses (not houses of ice, you sillies!), but they weren't attached to the main house, and people had to walk to them. No one in their area broke in and raided them.

The person who built it attached to the house made it very convenient and secure that way. (who knows but what there might have been marauding bands when that particular house was built and by attaching the ice house to the main house made themselves and their food supply more secure and safe. And i bet it was nice to step into on a hot summer day, too!).

I'll try to make myself clearer next time. :rolleyes::p

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