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This OLD house...what is it?

My home is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. From what I am told the original "cabin", or what is now the kitchen, was built in the 1700's. The main part of the house, however, was added on about 1855. It seems to me to be a simple four-square, but I haven't seen any other "four squares" that look similar. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :-)

Re: This OLD house...what is it?

Looks like a four square to me too. One of the things with very old houses such as yours is that many people over the years have had their hand in interpreting what it should look like. As trends, styles, and needs change often the original look of the house is lost in the shuffle. This of course is not necessarily a bad thing if it is done correctly. For instance as a family grows someone may have needed more space and would want an addition. An architect could design an addition that fits in with the style of house. Many times however people would just build a box on the back of the house and now they have more space that of course does not look right. Later down the road new owners take over and they don't need that space so they turn it into a screened in porch. Then the next person decides they want to add a room above it so they put another box on top. An so on and so forth. So because your house doesn't look like other ones you've seen doesn't mean it isn't the same style. Hope this helps you out.


Re: This OLD house...what is it?

The 1855 work is in the Italianate style. It just happens to be rectangular. Not related to foursquare style except by coincidence of shape.
The wrap-around porch is a later addition, looks like 20's to 40's style to me.

Sidney Fife
Re: This OLD house...what is it?

This is definitely an Italianate (I live in one). The Foursquare did borrow heavily from the above style, but was mass-produced, often by large companies like Sears Roebuck and shipped by rail out west!

The porch and hip roof threw off the first responder, which is easy to see. Foursquare's are known for hip roofs and porches like this, esp. later (20's and 30's).

Italianate owners often did add porches, especially in warmer climates and in the west. This porch is much more of a "Bungalow" or "Craftsman" style, with the angled columns and brick pedestals.

You will never see a Foursquare with all that trim-work, nor with brackets below the roof and corbels above the windows (not original ones, anyway). Foursquares are usually very plain, flat (not fluted) trim. You've got a real gem there--especially since Italianates were usually square--one of the few things they share with Foursquares.

Re: This OLD house...what is it?

Beautiful porch! Love the color of the house as well.

Re: This OLD house...what is it?

fantastic house, love the moldings

Re: This OLD house...what is it?

Beautiful old house. Simple classic architecture but with durable materials used. This is perfect for big family.

Re: This OLD house...what is it?

A remodeled Italianate house indeed. The shape is not a foursquare but a rectangular one. Overall, it's a beautiful house to look at.

Re: This OLD house...what is it?

Beautiful home you have. I just love it and this looks like a beautiful cottage.

Re: This OLD house...what is it?

i love it so much, your house is my dream

Re: This OLD house...what is it?

I was also going to say Italianate, but with a Victorian porch.


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