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old house with unknown attic air flow

we have an old house---1930's perhaps---double brick with cathedral attic. We want to insulate (re-insulate) but there do not seem to be sofits---and all the corners have been parged with concrete. We are beginning to remove it---but unsure what to do next. I would add images but it does not seem to work when I try. Also---the rafters are shallow---4.5 inches---so getting the right R value in insulation is tricky. We need the roof to breath.

anyone have advice?



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Re: old house with unknown attic air flow

pictures would help but from what you said in your post, i would recommend spray foam insulation. this attic/cathedral ceiling is heated space i assume?

Re: old house with unknown attic air flow

i dont know why it wont upload my images

we have a ridge vent in ceiling---and have been advised that having an air flow is better than foam
we looked into foam---and i think it is also too expensive for us

we are now just trying to see if we can get to the soffitts

also just realized it all has to be re-wired

house poor we are



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