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Old House - Shower Help!

The shower/tub in our house is a DIY disaster. It has been "re-done" several times, but without any success. It has been leaking into the basement for some time. However, just recently we have discovered it is leaking slightly into the room next to it. The shower is in dire need of re-caulking and a new shower head. Once that is done it should stop the leaking, BUT is that enough? What can/will happen because of the years of water damage? Any cost-friendly suggestions?

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Re: Old House - Shower Help!

if it has been leaking on and off for years and only patches were made to stop it then chances are pretty good that there's some damage behind or under the shower which may or may not include mold. sometimes it's just best to bite the bullet and gut it down to the studs and do it right once and for all. i highly doubt that anyone on here is going to recommend another patch. i think you also know that it's about time to do it right and fix whatever problems exist behind the walls.

Re: Old House - Shower Help!

This is what you get after years of neglect and ignoring warning signs.

Total bathroom remodel is never cheap, but you will need to do it.

Re: Old House - Shower Help!

Nah just put a bunch of caulk all over the place. lol sorry but there right, gut it. you'll feel great when its done.
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