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old house ceiling not level for cabinet install


I have a 9' run where I am installing upper cabinets, the floor and the ceiling a significantly sloped (I have not set them yet but it looks like if the bottom cabinet on the far left rests on the floor the cabinet on the far right will need to be shimmed about 1.5". Anyway:

9' run of upper cabinets I have W3018, W1836 (above the stove), W3018, W1836 wine rack (above the ref

The cabinet above the stove is to be mounted offset from the W3018s (pushed up 9" closer to the ceiling)

When I put these up -- especially the unit above the stove it does not look good. The cabinets are plumb and level but due to the ceiling slope (old, not by design) looks crooked. I have some trim to put on the upper cabinets but I think it will make things look worse because the closer the top of the cabinet gets to the ceiling the more pronounced the issue is.

I have seen information about scribing a top starter strip (these are frameless cabinets) but if I hang my cabinets at the standard heights I have about 12" for the top of the cabinet to ceiling on the cabinet to the far left, above 3" on top of the W1836, then 12" for the balance (minus the slope of course).

I have spent lots of time and money to re-do this entire kitchen myself, things are looking really good but if I can't fix this it is going to look like a hack job regardless. please help with any ideas -- bhuck

Re: old house ceiling not level for cabinet install

These situations can be tough to deal with. I don't like having anything touch the ceiling in these situations. even if I leave just a one inch gap, I think it looks better to have the gap change size than to have a crown moulding run crooked across the top of the cabinets. If that still bothers you, you can jack up the house to remove some of the slant, or you can level the ceiling. Having the base cabinets on a crooked floor won't look as bad as the uppers against a crooked ceiling.

Re: old house ceiling not level for cabinet install

How long is the room?
If it were me and I was spending oodles of money on cabs and appliances I'd spring for some new drywall and shim the ceiling as necessary to straighten it out. By the time you mess with moldings scribed to an uneven ceiling you could have the new rock up and have it look perfect.
I spose' it depends how big the ceiling is. No soffits possible? I'm guessing not.Is it possible to cut the drywall at some point before the 9' run and re-rock it from there?

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