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James Davis
Old home needs insulation

Love ‘This Old House”. You guy’s make my weekend, time and time again.

We purchased an old house a couple of years back. My wife fall in love with this older Cape Cod built in 1941 in a beautiful neighborhood (see attached photo). I love the solid construction with old school 2x8 joist you could see in the basement along with lath and plaster inside, but after spending a couple of winters discovered it’s in need of insulation.

We're replacing all the windows with double pain low E insulated windows with panels to match the existing single pain also replacing the exterior siding with Harden Siding with a decretive trim around the gable ends and under the new gutters. All this to match the existing Architecture. Doing all this will give the house a long lasting crisp look but one more thing remains I’m worried about the insulation in the walls, this would be a good time to add it when removing the old siding but my budget in being straight much too far. Trying to compare the cost and efficiency between Cellulose and Foam insulation. I’m adding a vapor barrier under the new siding, and before I do this I would like to add insulation, willing to do the work but lack the skills in adding these types of insulation. Watching Tom’s video “Retrofitting Cellulose Insulation” looks ease enough but would this be an efficient insulation for our zone in Seattle.

Tom Silva, would you be interested in coming down and giving me and hand and some tips, I could use your help. Construction won’t begin for another 3 or 4 weeks, before the raining session.
Sorry could not attach the photo of our house.

Bessie in Seattle
James and Mary Davis
[email protected]
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Timothy Miller
Re: Old home needs insulation

Howdy, Consider before residing have the blown insullation istalled so the bore holes will be covered by the vapor barrier and not have them in the new siding.

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