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The old gray porch she ain't what she used to be

I don't even know how to use this site, but I read some of your posts and perhaps someone can assist me. I have a 120+ year old home with a wrap-around porch/pillars, etc. We replaced the flooring about 15 years ago but need to do it again, this time sealing all sides, as I have been reading. There are several places where the boards have given way despite the infrequent use. The original porch lasted 100 years and I'd like the next one to at least approach half of that. The weather is a factor...I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the porch has a roof over it but is not enclosed. I am looking for a viable, yet somewhat reasonable wood suggestion. Most likely, we will not be painting but rather staining the wood. I have been approaching this as if the wood choice were the problem last time (fir I think) but in fact, I suspect it was all about the lack of sealer that accounts for its short life. So is the product choice that important, or rather the wood prep and maintenance? Thanx

Re: The old gray porch she ain't what she used to be

Both are important. I used PT T&G southern yellow pine on my porch. Installed about 20 years ago. I use only stain even though it needs to be re stained every 4 or 5 years. By the way you don't have to replace the whole deck if you only have a couple of bad boards. the dab boards can easily be replaced without disturbing the others.

Re: The old gray porch she ain't what she used to be

If you are replacing the wood , look at Fiberon Composite decking
you also can use a hidden fasteners system they work well. there are composites that also look like wood. But if you go with wood cedar holds up really well does not rot and bugs can't eat it. Its does not need stain but cleaning it will bring it color back. If you use pressure treated it is cheaper, If your decking is higher than 2ft off the ground you can use Sikken DEK Stain it stand up to alot and it looks great best finish I have seen. It cost a little bit more but it is worth it. Like with anything cleaning your deck will make it last alot longer just like a car paint job. TSP and some bleach once a year.

Good Luck.

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