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Old Gas Light

I have an old outdoor gas lamp post. The gas has been turned off since the 1970's during the first gas shortage. I would like to get rid of the lamp. The gas company can't tell be how to do this. Any suggestions as to how I go about removing lamp. I really don't want to have it electrified.

Re: Old Gas Light

Is there a shut-off valve where the gas line comes into the house for the lamp? If so turn that off if it isn't already. if there is a valve at the lamp you should open that to get the remaining gas out of the line. You can then disconnect the gas line at the shut-off valve in the house. Remove the lamp and I would remove the pipe as well just so it can not be accidentally hooked back up in the future. Also check to make sure the shut-off valve isn't leaking at all by using soapy water not a match. Sometimes a valve won't close all the way. If you haven't done much plumbing or have any concerns you may want to leave this one to a plumber. Hope this helps you out.

Re: Old Gas Light

To remove the gas line, the pipe should be properly capped at some point. Don't rely on just the valve being turned off.
I don't know the codes for this. I would get a licensed plumber to take care of capping the line. Then you can dig up the rest.
Or reroute the line for your backyard BBQ. :)

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