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Old flooring sanded, now what? Help!

A contracter sanded down one room and the stairs in my home, then never showed up again. :mad: The wood on the stairs is very old (1936) and porous and some of the irregularities are very dark colored from stain in the woodgrain and I suspect water damage. What can I use to clean and finish these surfaces to at least make them acceptable looking? I've been living with this mess for almost a year and am anxious for a solution. I live in a very remote community and would rather take the job on myself than hire a local "professional".
Your help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Re: Old flooring sanded, now what? Help!

You don't say what kind of wood it is but I would suggest that you re-sand lightly if it has been over a year, vacum, stain and finish with a floor grade poly.

Re: Old flooring sanded, now what? Help!

Not many people have older stairs than in my house. I finished most all the floors and stairs (circa:1680...see my website below).
If I were you I'd rent a floor edger sander and go over the stairs with an 80 grit paper then use a square palm sander with another 80 grit paper.
Thing is...if you're a true blue newbie at this kind of thing the floor edger sander may be too much for y ou to deal with and you may do more harm than good with it. If you feel this i s the case I'd stick with a palm sander. I'd start with a 60 grit then work my way up to an 80 grit.

Another consideration is to not worry about it at all and decide if the floor has "charcter" the way it is.....or not. Sometimes people get one thing in their heads and loose sight of what may be in character beyond what "should be". No such thing as should be...too many variables.

Also, what stain are you going to be using if any? Have you tested an area to see if stain diminishes what you dislike or enhances it?

Before you stain...if you do..you may want to wipe on a "conditioner" first to seal the wood so as not to have it look blotchy.
Conditioner goes on like water. Its no big deal to use...just read the directions on the can. All the box and paint stores have quarts of it.

Re: Old flooring sanded, now what? Help!

Because it was already sanded, but a year ago, unless it has ground in dirt I would just lightly go over it with 12o grit, vacum, stain if desired, and finish. You could use a ROS for this and be done.

Re: Old flooring sanded, now what? Help!


Any chance of a pic or two?

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