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Old Deck Replacement Parts Needed

I am looking for a specific replacement part for the decking material used on my home. I have been in the home for 5 years and a part in my plastic/composite decking needs repaired. The original owner/builder has passed away and I cannot find anyone local who knows the manufacturer of the decking material. I can also provide pictures if needed.

The decking on my home does not have any stamping or writing that indicates who manufactured the material. My decking is gray and has a center groove about 3/4" wide where you screw in your deck screws. A gray hard rubber insert is then hammered in to the groove to cover the screws.

Two years ago I had to take all of the center inserts out and replace most of the screws that has broken loose due to rusting. The manufacturer had not made any drain holes so water would sit in the grooved area. I drilled drain holes when I had the inserts out.

The problem came when I placed the inserts back in. Many of the strips had hardened to the point that they would either not go back in to the groove or would break. I now need to find replacement inserts or replace the entire deck. The deck material in very functional and stays fairly cool in the midwest heat of the summer.

Any suggestions on who the manufacturer is or was would be appreciated. Again I can post exact measurements and pictures if anyone might have an idea. These board are made to be butted up against each other, no spacing. They also are not solid boards.

Thank you!

Re: Old Deck Replacement Parts Needed

One, it's impossible to guess what type of deck you have.

Two, some composite deck manufacturers have been sued for things like warranties, poor workmanship and others, and subsequently disappeared.

Three, if the manufacturer of your deck material is still in business, it may or may not be possible to get replacement parts.

My best suggestion for you is to do your own research on line.

Just my personal opinion: I dislike composite decks. I think they are crappy and don't live up to their promised life span. They are also not cheap. If your deck is old, or looks old, consider replacing the top planks, with real wood.

A. Spruce
Re: Old Deck Replacement Parts Needed

I've never eve seen what you describe. I would recommend starting your search with known composite decking manufacturers, as they may know it's origin, even if it is not their own product. Trex is one such manufacturer, I suspect that Weyerhouser is another.

Re: Old Deck Replacement Parts Needed

And they may not make it anymore. We've seen stuff come and go......

A. Spruce
Re: Old Deck Replacement Parts Needed
HoustonRemodeler wrote:

And they may not make it anymore. We've seen stuff come and go......

Sorry, that's a given that I neglected to point out. I suspect you're right, it was a flash in the pan and no longer.

Re: Old Deck Replacement Parts Needed

The search may be tough, but with enough time to spend Google can find almost anything for you. The odds are that the material came from some local supplier so check with all of them, and ask for someone who has been there long enough to remember if they ever sold that material instead of having a recent hire telling you they don't have that in stock (which you already knew).

Sadly (or maybe not so sadly), there's been a lot of composite decking disappear from the market for many reasons. Part of this comes with product development where the predictions of engineers has proven to be wrong and warranty claims sunk the maker or caused it to be discontinued or changed. If yours has otherwise held up well, then you might get lucky and find some more. The stuff that's generally in bad shape isn't worth 'patching' because the product wasn't up to snuff.

Now that the 'teething pains' have been worked out and the problems found and fixed, today's better composite decking is actually a great product and superior to wood for many applications. The only 'caveats' I have with it is when it's used in a hot sunny summer environment because then it usually gets too hot to walk on bare-footed and if used for railing tops can burn you to touch it. Most of it is also more flexible than wood so it requires more than marginal framing to support it. Nothing does you well if you can't use it, but in milder climes or places with lots of rain and snow, I'd prefer today's composite decking for it's durability- this coming from a traditionalist who loves wood!

Heck, you ought to use your free time to enjoy using your deck, not spending that time maintaining it, and in most places composites will do this for you :cool: Hope you can find what you need!


Re: Old Deck Replacement Parts Needed

Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately, I have spent the last year or so search every website and manufacturer I can find so I imagine that the company is long gone. I also checked all of the local lumber yards with no luck. The decking is in great shape except for the insert but it looks like I will have to replace it.

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