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old baseboard heaters overheating?

I'm working on a cabin with old baseboard heaters and old thermostats. The light brown paneling from about 1-12" above the heaters is black, and gets very hot when the heaters are on. Is the problem the old heaters, old thermostats, old paneling, all of these?

Re: old baseboard heaters overheating?

You'll have to have this checked out ASAP by a pro---sounds like you've got a fire hazard there if the t-stats aren't working properly.

Sounds like electric baseboard from your post, but you didn't mention in your post if it's elec heat, steam heat, hot water baseboard, etc.

I'd avoid running them until you have someone look at the t-stats.

Re: old baseboard heaters overheating?

Thanks, NashuaTech. I bought a new thermostat and will replace one tomorrow and see if it makes a difference. I was suspecting that should be the first thing to try. Electric baseboards. Yes, I'm worried about fire - I turn the circuits off when I'm not working here.
Thanks for your help.

Re: old baseboard heaters overheating?

Your baseboard heaters should have thermal cut-outs in them. On one end or the other you should find a round disk with two wires coming from it as well as a capillary tube running the length of the heater above the element. The cut outs need to wired in series with the feed to the heater and the element.

I would guess that these have been bypassed or are not functioning properly.

I can tell you that altitude affected these at one time as I replaced hundreds of them back in the 80’s in Colorado ski-town condos.

Re: old baseboard heaters overheating?

Kentvw, thank you. Testing new thermostat first, if that's not it, on to the bbd diagnostics. 2,000' elev here - not quite the Rockies, but just 5 miles from sea level. Hmmmm.

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