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old and worn tile counter

I am looking for ideas to re-do my kitchen counter-top.
It is a ceramic tile counter and I am not sure what I might find under the tile if I demo it.
If anyone has any suggestions on what can go on top of ceramic tile for a clean look I am listening.

Re: old and worn tile counter

under the tile on a counter top is usually 2 layers of 1/2 inch plywood but that isn't the problem trying to get the tile and what ever adhesive that they used in your particular case off is usually the problem. if you decide to just change out the tops that will usually be the easiest. taking off old counter tops is usually not a big deal because in most cases they are screwed down from the underside up into the wood so all you would have to do is look from the underside and remove any screws that are holding down the top. but in tile counter tops it may be that they screwed the tops down to the cabinet then put the tile on, which would mean that the heads of the would be buried. not to worry still not difficult to take care of. you need either a small drywall knife or a painter's tool, a small pry bar and a sawzall with a metal cutting blade. you insert the painter's tool between the top and the cabinet and try to pry just enough to get the sawzall blade between them to cut the first screw, (the first screw is the hardest) then the small prybar will fit in and the other screws will cut very quickly. to get your tops already made and cheaper look in the yellow pages under cabinet supplies.

Re: old and worn tile counter

Havanagranite's solution is a good one. Get rid of the old tile countertop and then do something. You'll get a better job out of it. Taking the old top off isn't a huge effort and will be worth it.

You could talk to one of the installers in your area, who install man made stone or granite if you want to spend that money. You could work a deal with them that you do the demo and put in the sub-top and get it ready for them. All they have to do is come in, measure it and them come back later with the new top and install it for you.

If not, just take off the old tops, install a new sub top and then tile it. You can do this on your own. It'll be cost efficient and you'll have a good quality counter top. Don't keep thinking about just putting something on top of the old one. You'll be sorry. Do it right the first time and you'll be happy for a long time. You'll have to look at it every day so you may as well be pleased.

Good Luck.

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