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oil, gas, or propane?

I am knocking down my old house and building a new 4000 sf house on my waterfront property on the south shore of Long Island, NY. My old house had oil for heating and hot water with electric appliances. I want the new house to have a gas range, a gas dryer and gas fireplaces, but national grid has quoted a price of $6K to $7K to run a gas line from the street to the house (the house is nearly 400' from the street). I am tempted to get propane instead, but have heard that natural gas will be cheaper in the long run, not to mention more convenient due to the lack of fuel deliveries. I plan on staying in the house at least another 10 years so what would be the best option in the long run... a) propane for heating and appliances, b) Oil heating with propane appliances, or c) spring for the extra expense of putting in a natural gas line and have natural gas heating and appliances?

Re: oil, gas, or propane?

Hard one to calculate!

It would probably take you the better part of the 10 years to recoup the cost of the gas line installation---but it would allow you to install a 96% efficient condensing boiler with radiant heat for heating & domestic hot water and have NG for the appliances---this would save a lot of $$$ over propane or #2 oil & avoid the unsightly tanks in the yard---some beachfront communities don't allow outside tanks.

Many communities allow the storage of up to 1000 gallons of #2 in the cellar (four steel 250 gal tanks or Roth polyurethane tanks), all of which you could buy during the summer on the spot market---this would allow installation of a Peerless Pinnacle condensing oil-fired boiler at 91% AFUE efficiency but require elec appliances and annual cleanups of the boiler---but at least it is a viable option.

Will National Grid allow you to hire your own excavation contractor for the pipeline???---it may cost a lot less if they allow it.

Re: oil, gas, or propane?

I had propane for heat and thought it was very expensive...now I use oil for heat and propane for cooking and hot water. I wouldn't go back to propane.

Now...let's step back and look at the big picture here. You're building a 4000 sq ft house which is going to cost a relatively large sum of money. What's another 6 or 7k?

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