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Oil fired hot water boilers

I'm looking for a new boiler for my home. We currently have a Bryant oil fired hot water boiler and it is very loud. Our house is on a slab and the boiler is in a closet that is only feet away from our bedroom and the noise is very annoying at night. I'm looking for a quieter more efficient oil boiler. Any input would be appreciated.

Re: Oil fired hot water boilers

If a magic wand could be waved to solve the problem, we'd do it!

But you're going to have to be realistic, take the time to consider all your options, talk to as many heating contractors as you can (Consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors") so that you get as many sides to the issue as exists and even THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX on this thing before you make a final decision on which way to go.

Realistically, it's going to be very hard to completely suppress the noise from a boiler that's sitting right next to the bedroom; most oil-fired boilers (in particular) make a lot of noise, which is most noticeable at night during bedtime hours; however, you might be able to change out only the oil burner motor (which is usually the noisiest part of the combustion noise)---burners by Riello, Carlin, Beckett & others should be considered by any contractors you contact if they will reduce combustion noise considerably---it's usually possible to downrate the firing rate of a boiler by installing a smaller oil nozzle (a $2 item) thus reducing combustion noise & extending the firing cycle a little longer at a lower rate---this often saves oil as well; there are small steel insulation-walled burner sound absorbing enclosures that fit over the burner that reduce noise.

Is the oil tank situated inside or outside the building??---are there any issues with odors, spillage, fuel line freeze-ups, appearance??

Even explore the possible option of adding a small 8'X8' rear addition or excavating a small area next to your building (or a small surface garage/utility/storage building) at the opposite side of the house than the bedroom to install a small utility room where you can relocate your present boiler---this is often less expensive than the $8k to $10k you'll have to spend for a new boiler & installation charges, and the boiler noise, if any, will only be heard in the new utility room, far away from the living room & bedroom in the main building; this option would also improve fire safety for your family.

Remember also, older gas-fired & oil-fired boilers used to be inexorably tied to a large, expensive brick chimney in the main building for exhaust gas discharge---this is no longer necessary; modern direct-vent boilers can now be vented thru exterior roofs/walls with double-wall stainless steel venting, situated anywhere in the building/utility room.

Do you have a natural gas line in your home?? What about a propane gas service?? If you're looking for a new boiler gas/propane fired boilers are usually much less noisy than oil-fired units---there are a number of boiler brands listed at the sites below---read some of the articles & dump any interesting ones to your printer.


Re: Oil fired hot water boilers

As long as you keep fire hazards in mind, some relief may be had through sound-deadening techniques such as adding sound-deadening sheetrock, stagger studding the walls, and adding fiberglass insulation. Also a consideration is the door accessing the boiler room- it should be solid and close tightly or it will resonate and amplify the sound on the other side. Whatever you do, just be sure that it's fire-safe and does not impede the operation of the boiler.

Myself, I gotta wonder who would design a floorplan with a boiler (or anything noisy) next to a bedroom anyway.


Re: Oil fired hot water boilers

I know I am a newbie, but I really like my system 2000. I had the contractors special which sounded like someone taking a bat to the side of it every time it started. I had the system 2000 installed in2008 and I can't hear it at all. It is in the basement, but even when I am down there, it is very quiet. It also reduced my oil consumption by 26%. My old boiler was 24 years old.

Hoe that helps.

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