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Oil burner odor in boiler room

Hi I have a odor coming from my oil boiler and the service guy said that it's normal. The room is small and he said to put a metal pan with vinegar. I took a old toster oven pan and it worked great, all you could smell was vinegar. The pan was old so I bought a new metal pan and tossed the other one away. The new one doesn't work and I have tried different pans with out any of them working. Can anyone tell me which kind of pan to buy, any help would be great. Thanks

Re: Oil burner odor in boiler room


You shouldn't be getting that strong an oil smell unless there is a leak somewhere in the system, it is malfunctioning, or the fuel tank is also in the boiler room & is improperly vented.

1) Try using a strong flashlight or other strong light to check the tank, the fuel lines, & feel under the housing of the oil burner for any signs of oil---the boiler can be temporarily turned off & the high voltage transformer sitting on top of the burner can be unscrewed on one side so you can swing it open on its hinge & peer inside the burner housing to see if there is any oil inside (pump seal failure).

2) Have someone turn up the t-stat temporarily to fire the boiler while you observe things at the boiler---swing open the small combustion chamber observation port & observe the flame--it should be bright yellow (not orange, or reddish)---there should be no soot inside the fire chamber & the shape of the flame should be compact & clearly discernible (not just one large mass of orange/red flame)(pump seal leak or defective/failed nozzle).

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Re: Oil burner odor in boiler room

Everything is fine the tank is out side there is just a smell. When I used the pan from a old toster oven the vinegar absord the smell. I just can't find the right pan to use. so I was wondering if anybody knows anything about it. Thanks for your reply

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