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Oil based stain on vinyl siding

I had recently purchased a townhouse and the previous owners stained the deck with oil based stain. MY GOD did they make a mess. Everything from spatter to bush hits. Any suggestions for removing the stain? I have tried hot water and soap, "Krud Kutter", mineral spirits and paint thinner without any luck.

Re: Oil based stain on vinyl siding

What surface is it stuck on? Brick, wood, stucco, vinyl ?

Re: Oil based stain on vinyl siding

It's on vinyl siding.

Re: Oil based stain on vinyl siding

If the oils have penetrated the siding (which they probably have) replacement is the only option. I have tried everything imaginable for similar problems and nothing works well- either part of the stain remains or the cleaner changes the material and leaves it's own marks. With vinyl, if soap and water doesn't get it off then nothing will.

Take replacement pieces off of the existing house siding in a less-visible area so they will be aged similarly and match what's already there by the deck, them hang new siding where you 'borrowed' the old siding from.


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