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The offer is on the table for the old house... what's ahead?

First post!

I found a 1907 house 876 sq ft on a 6,250 sq ft lot. Bank owned and I hope they accept my offer. The 876 is on paper. Home really has 1400+ but a previous owner somewhere put a master suite in the attic. The view is great out of the skylights.
Could I run into problems later on with this addition with previous owners not getting a permit? Could it come back on me later?

Roof looks relatively new and in good condition as well as the house for being 102!

Permit was pulled for electric in 99. New panel in the back and grounded outlets although there is some older wiring underneath it looks like.

It has a boiler that is one of my big questions... it was retrofitted to natural gas and says Rudy on it and I can't find info on Google :( What am I getting myself into with that old monster? It runs both the heat and water. I have found info on old boilers aka trains but not much on the old home variety? I'm interested :)

The boiler is in an unfinished basement that has poured concrete walls... 20x20 30x20 tops... house extends past with plenty of crawling room under... does not look original to the home... 50's-ish maybe? Is this common?

Someone did add a sunroom I will enjoy very much :)

Luckily the woodwork casings in the dining room, moldings, etc. look original and in great condition for their age.

Someone has tried to help this home before the showers are currently 3 hollow core doors for walls but a few 2x4's and some drywall, tilework and a weekend will fix that easy :)

Oh and the garage is cool! Can't wait to finish it and have a shop and some storeage! Can't get my Jeep in there but there is plenty parking in back.

Pretty excited I found this old house and hopefully the bank that owns it will just accept my offer and it'll be mine in 30 days :) But I do need a little reality check, sweat equity is no problem but the boiler and it's history is one of the many things I hope you can help me with :)

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