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Re: Odd black mold like substance in sink drain

Has anyone tried the slow running drain cleaner ?? It is basically enzymes that dissolves food or similiar organic matter, like the DAP green liquid ($10 for 64 oz at Home Despot).

I'm a big fan of enzymes for organic matter:
(1) Nature's Miracle brand cat (or dog) urine cleaner, great for any human or animal throwups on carpet, rugs, any surface (even dried out).
Also good for laundry (underwear with brown or yellow spots, you know the kind) before the stains are laundried in.

(2) Once a year, I use drain enzymes on all sink drains (it's a bit of hit or miss to add enough water to push the enzyme to where the unseen buildup might be located). Don't know if it works, but it's my way doing some low impact preventative maintenance.

Re: Odd black mold like substance in sink drain

OK, thanks to this blog I've got the same problem under control (for now).

There are 4 drains in my bathroom. I removed the drains in all 4 and pulled up the nastiness. The first time I did it I honestly thought I pulled up a dead mouse. The hair-like plug had the same diameter of the drain and was about 6 inches long. The poster who said wear gloves and have the trash can close by was not kidding! The second sink is used by my kids and doesn't get a lot of hair and zero listerine/shaving cream. Even that had a black plug of ick. In the past I've tried Drano, Liquid plumber, Foaming drain cleaner, bleach, Hydrogen peroxide, and Vinegar/Baking soda. Still we had slow drains until I read this post. While I was reading this, I had a dishwasher detergent/bleach solution in my jet tub to clean it. After draining, it had the least but still present "BioMass (slimey-hair)" in the drain. So the solution is to physically clean it and hopefully maintain it. Thanks for the help!


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