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Re: Odd ball plastic thingy....

I think there is a more simple fix. Just wad up a ball of duct tape and stick it to the wall. If you ever want to remove it use a little WD-40.

Re: Odd ball plastic thingy....
canuk wrote:

Rather than using plywood ---------- which might rot if wet ------- go to a dollar store and pickup a cheap nylon cutting board.
They come in various thicknesses and shapes ----- round , square or rectangular.

When you find one the right size ------ lay the old one down and trace it onto the new pice. Then lay on the new one ( the one that's too small ) inside the larger traced outline ----- trace out the opening and mark the screw holes ------ cut and drill and you're done.

Looks as though there are 2 stand offs to deal with ------- you might be able to cutoff the old ones and expoxy ( or duct tape :D) them to the new piece ----- then and again it may not be a big deal if they were glued in place.

Just a thought.:cool:

damn...what's with you guys and duct tapes.....:D

Re: Odd ball plastic thingy....

All of you need to go to Duct Tape Anonymous meeting. :p


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