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Number of Piers for Small Platform

I have a fairly basic setup for a tree house.  I am looking for an alternative to digging for piers so I do not have to dig up roots.  Don't want to kill the tree I've built the tree house in!  :o)  I'm considering the DiamondPier system.

The tree house platform is 10' high.  I wanted to build a dual platform setup with ladders to each.  See the attached picture.  Each platform is planned to be 3' square.  The first platform is on a 3' post, with the second being on a 6' post.  I know a lot goes into code and proper building techniques.  But to (A) reduce how many roots I impact and (B) minimize cost, I'd like to just use one pier centered under each platform.  Assuming the platform is secured properly to the post, will your pier system be sturdy enough to keep this setup stable?

If you are on the fence on this and the platform size makes any difference, how about a 2.5' square platform?  I wouldn't want to to any smaller than that.

The preference of two piers over eight (one in each corner) for both time and cost is obvious, but I'd like to make sure I'm doing it securely.

Any advice?


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