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Now this is a cool door

i want one of these. doesn't get much cooler than this.


Re: Now this is a cool door

it's just a magic trick...or an illusion. I was waiting for the sliced girl to show up.

Re: Now this is a cool door

That is cool, but not very practical. Kids, dogs, friends, alcohol, locks....

A. Spruce
Re: Now this is a cool door

How much silicone was used in the installation of that door? :p:cool: LOL

Pretty cool. I've always wondered where you go to get custom stuff like this. I saw a glass door in a floor just the other day, the door/hatch opens to a spiral stair that leads down into a pantry. I've seen a similar set up for a wine cellar.

1 - Where do you find such things, or even someone who could make it for you.
2 - How do you get it past the code inspector who's also not likely ever seen anything like it?

Re: Now this is a cool door

Ooh, "door-igami"!!

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