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Novice Basement Finisher

I have an unfinished basement and I'd like to put up a wall to divide it into a workshop space and a family room. I know everything about putting up a wall except how to secure it to the concrete foundation? Do I need to drill holes in the concrete? Is there a something like a nailer that will fasten the wall to the floor? How about construction adhesive?

I have other questions too, but we'll start there.

A. Spruce
Re: Novice Basement Finisher

You can attach framing to concrete in a number of ways - tapcon screws, expansion bolts, powder driven fasteners, to name a few.

Re: Novice Basement Finisher

One thing to suggest use an isolation membrane of sorts on the underside of the bottom plate. The reason is the wood will wick moisture from the concrete and eventually rot.
You might use a sill gasket material something like this ....

As far as construction adhesive ..... if you have a membrane on the underside of the bottom plate this wouldn't work. Also , while construction adhesive is very good for all sorts of things .... it's only good on clean surfaces.

There are power actuated nailers that use a .22 gauge gun powder charge to drive a concrete nail for fastening.
Personally I don't use these any longer ..... instead my personal prefernce is using Tapcon concrete screws......

..... the drill bit usually is included.

The only trick with these screws is to ensure the hole drilled is a little deeper otherwise if it isn't deep enough and the screw bottoms out while tightening ... it will snap.
Other than that they work great.

Hopefully this helps.:)

Re: Novice Basement Finisher

Thanks for the input. I'll be using the tapcon screws and a hammer drill to drill the holes in the concrete. Also, the sill gasket sounds like a good idea too.

Next question: I have a steel I-beam running down the length of my house. I'd like to, if it's possible, position part of my wall right underneath this beam. Is it possible to secure the top plate to the beam using something like the tapcon screws? Would I weaken the structure of my house by even trying?


Re: Novice Basement Finisher

It is definitely possible to secure the top plate to the steel I-beam. My basement has exactly this scenario. What I have done is drilled a few holes through the beam. Put a bolt through the top plate and beam, add a washer and nut and you are good to go.
Just make sure when drilling these holes that they are not lined up with any of your studs or you are going to have to drill another hole.

Re: Novice Basement Finisher

A great*exchange of information.

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