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Nothing works against this mold

I removed the flooring in my house to replace it and I discovered that I have a mold problem on my concrete slab inside my house. I have tried scrubbing it with TSP, bleach, and commercial mold product and nothing works. The mold always grows back a couple days later. Do you have any suggestions that would prevent the mold from growing back? (I know vinegar is another option but I HATE the smell of it so I would like to try another option first) Thanks for your help!

Re: Nothing works against this mold

See if you can find this product in your area.
D/2 Architectural Antimicrobial.
It is non-toxic no odor.

A. Spruce
Re: Nothing works against this mold

Are you sure it's mold? Is it white fuzz? If so, then it is likely efflorescence, which is the salts in the cement being pushed out by moisture.

Re: Nothing works against this mold

If it IS mold, then you have a moisture problem. You will always have mold until you mitigate the moisture. How you mitigate the moisture -- if you can -- depends on how your slab is installed, the grading around your house, etc. That's going to be hard to diagnose from here.

If it's efflorescence -- same problem.

Re: Nothing works against this mold

Have you tried a sodium borate solution. Check your commercial mold product to see if it has anything that has the word sodium and borate in them. Look especially for disodiumoctaborate tetrahydrate. Also look for ethylene glycol. The best products will have both.

You can make your own mixture using 3 parts borax (laundry booster) with 2 parts boric acid (roach powder). Then add about 6 cups of this to one gallon of pure antifreeze. The antifreeze must be very hot to get the powder to dissolve so you want to do this outdoors on a camp stove. Antifreeze is very toxic. The above mix can be cut with two one or two parts water.

Antifreeze by itself is a very good mold killer, as it he borax and boric acid mix. If the concrete is always wet, you can just put down the powder by itself and it will work, but will take a while. If there is a continual moisture problem, be sure to leave a coat of the powder on the concrete after treating, but eventually the sodium borates will leach out as it is water soluble.

Re: Nothing works against this mold

Check out: www.concrobium.com

Re: Nothing works against this mold
keith3267 wrote:

Have you tried a sodium borate solution.
You can make your own mixture...

Keith, there is a very pricey commercial product (Don't have the name in front of me.) that can be applied to wood. Kills the mold and soaks in to keep it from coming back. Do you know if this is the same? Or do you know if your mixture can be applied to wood?
I'm about to post a new thread in this forum with the specifics of my situation but I saw your post first.

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