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Not sure who to contact for resolution: Texas

I had a new HVAC system and new roof with a ridge vent installed several years ago. I am now seeing visible indentions (inside my home) of beams on the ceiling sheetrock and tape and float peeling both inside of my home and in my attached garage where ceiling and wall join. I also have noticed 2 cracks that run vertical from floor to ceiling on the adjoining wall from attached garage and living room. These cracks are straight down the sheetrock in the middle of the room. I am also hearing popping and cracking noises that never happened before the new roof and AC were installed. HELP...I don't know if I should contact an HVAC, structural engineer or foundation company. I would appreciate input and recommendation as to what type of company to contact for a resolution.

Re: Not sure who to contact for resolution: Texas

Hi, I would say that your user name says it all, you are removing to much moisture from inside the home. Thanks

Re: Not sure who to contact for resolution: Texas

Where in Texas are you located? We have some very dry parts and some humid parts.

Round here, foundation issues are common. Heat in the attic can also sag the drywall. Widely spaced ceiling joists can sag the drywall. Not running the HVAC can sag the drywall.

I highly doubt the HVAC guy has any liability 8 years later.

Do you have continuous eave venting to go along with your ridge venting?

Re: Not sure who to contact for resolution: Texas

Thanks for the response. I am in Houston, NASA area. It's very humid in this area and AC is a must about 11 months of the year. I had a new thermostat installed that has a humidity setting. I have tried to adjust that but it doesn't seem to work properly. I have many soffit vents that are visible when in the attic and don't appear blocked.

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