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not enough air-flow?

I have a split-entry home. Sears installed central air. I have forced hot air so they connected it to my furnance. I can't get the main floor lower than 80 but, the family room is 60 and it never shuts off. I have an open attic, Can i put ceiling vents in the attic and run a line to the condenser? or how can I get more air out of the furnance fan?

Re: not enough air-flow?

Is your house insulated? Is your duct work overhead?

Re: not enough air-flow?

I have an older home with 'questionable' ductwork. Some rooms get a lot of air flow while others get very little.
My 2nd bedroom was the worst. I found the duct in the basement that fed that room and installed an in-line booster fan. (I forget the brand, but it's avaiable at the big stores) It involved cutting out a section of duct and wiring its fan to the main fan controller on the furnace. Now whether I'm running heat, A/C or just recirculating air, that room is comparable to the rest of the house.

Your issue may be insulation, but this was a simple and pretty cheap way (~$25) to increase air flow.

Re: not enough air-flow?

You can restrict the flow to the cooler rooms so that more goes to the warmer room but you might want to just look at your house.

Where are the cooler rooms located? The north side of the house? Are the curtains opened in those rooms during really sunny days? Are the doors closed to those rooms?

Where is the thermostat?

How much sun is hitting the house and could heat be radiating into the house keeping that room hot?

Keep blinds and curtains drawn in the hotter room during the hottest parts of the day.

Keep cooler room door open to allow air flow out of those rooms.

Add ceiling fans to add to air flow.

Re: not enough air-flow?

Check the wiring diagram on the furnace door and see if you have a 3 speed fan. It's possible that when the AC was installed they didn't wire the high speed for the AC. Then check and see if you have dampers in the duct work if you do partially close the one for the family room and make sure the ones for the down stairs are fully open.

Re: not enough air-flow?

20 degrees is a lot, check your dampers and make sure there open. From what you say of it keeping on running sounds like your unit may be undersized. A quick check without doing a load calc. is 1 ton = 400 CFM. So if your house is 1000 sq. feet your condenser should be 2.5 tons, that's just a reference and you should all ways ask your A/C contractor if they do Load Calculations and get a copy. Good Luck!!:)

Bob Gabrilson
Re: not enough air-flow?

Your first problem was having Sears do the work. They scab it out to the lowest bidder.

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