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Non-toxic TSP substitute

I have unsuccessfully searched the internet for a substitute for TSP. Because of health problems, chemicals are not allowed in the house. Our kitchen cabinets will be painted with zero VOC paint and primer, but the prep work requires a no-rinse degreaser like TSP.

Any ideas for a safer substitute?

Re: Non-toxic TSP substitute

To ME, powdered Dirtex is pretty mild!

It's similiar to TSP, but usually needs no rinsing.
If I could pass a law requiring this stuff to be used b4 painting, I would!

Check the attached link to this site. Lotsa good info. The only problem I can see with this stuff is if you inhaled the dry dust...a LOT. It mixed instantly with water, and I've had 0 issues with it.
I can't imagine anyone sensitive to this, but gloves may be indicated in your case. I've never had the slightest irritation.



Re: Non-toxic TSP substitute

Home Depot sells TSP substitute. You have to take a close look at the label because it says TSP in big letters and then "substitute" in smaller text.

Timothy Miller
Re: Non-toxic TSP substitute

Consider a vinegar solution with vigorous wiping and a clean water rinse.

Re: Non-toxic TSP substitute

There are many more potential irritants in the actual 0-VOC paints & primers, than in most powdered cleaners! Some customers of ours can't stand the smell of SOME "0-VOC" products.

True...perceived ODORS are a very subjective thing.
But they're in no way tied to VOC-levels.

Remember..."VOC's" are just the class of chemicals/solvents that "off-gas" & interact with the Ozone.

The VAST majority of people are only VERY-slightly, if at all, affected by most Latex paints. The "subjective" odor-factor can be the most impactful.


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