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Non skid/Non Slip Shower mods

We have a somewhat slippery shower/tub. Bought
some stick on shapes to improve safety, however
the existing surface is so slick the shapes
don't stick.

Suggestions appreciated.
(Sand roughen, chemical etch ???)


Re: Non skid/Non Slip Shower mods

There are clear, paint on coating which increase the slip resistance. Normally these products are used around swimming pools. Check with a good tile supply house.

Re: Non skid/Non Slip Shower mods

Thanks for the tip on 'paint on' solutions.

To clarify my misstatement:
The 'bottom' of the shower has 'pebbled'
surface, sand grain in size, presumably
intended as no slip. Its slippery.
And 'shapes' don't stick.

'Sides' are smooth: 'shapes' stick there.

The 'paint on' sounds hopeful...


Re: Non skid/Non Slip Shower mods

Non slip coatings can adhere to all kinds of finishes and tile. I would do as prior suggested and try a non skid coating or see your local home improvement shop. There may be a product they can recommend.

Re: Non skid/Non Slip Shower mods

The stick on strips have to be applied to a clean and dry bathtub surface.

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