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Non-Herbacide Weed Controll

Has anyone had experience using a good non-toxic weed controller for lawns. I have rag weed, baby jane, dandions etc. and need something to kill them and have a safe non-toxic yard for children, animals etc. Thanks

Re: Non-Herbacide Weed Controll

fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize, weeds don't like good soil.

Re: Non-Herbacide Weed Controll

I don't know what kind of grasses you have in chicago but here in the south most of the good grasses are runners such as st. augistine and centipede keeping them healthy as in watering and mowing, as well as fertalizer and they will choke out the weeds.

this may be what debbie was alluding to

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Non-Herbacide Weed Controll

use a knife, stick in in the ground and cut a circle in a funnel shape so you get the tap root deep down. pull the dandylions and ragweed long before they go to seed. you have to get enough of the main root or else it will grow back bigger and stronger.

provide water and nutrients to your lawn so it can quickly fill in.

better living through chemistry makes lazy kids. send them out with a bag to weed. count up their booty only pay them a bounty for ones with long tap roots.

Re: Non-Herbacide Weed Controll

Thank everyone for your replies

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