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Momma Shack
Noisy tank shut-off after flushing

This may be a question for Rich Trethewey. Recently whenever I flush the toilet, it shuts off with a "skidding" sound much like truck air-brakes starting to fail. I thought it might be someting wearing out in the toilet fixture itself. But I then noticed that as this happens, the shower head (in the same room) vibrates along with the sound. I recall a TOH episode where a valve inside the wall of a tub/shower hook-up had worn out allowing shut-off noise detected at the sink. So my question is, before I replace this toilet with my new chair-height low-volume push-button toilet, do I need to investigate the access plumbing in the wall or floor in order to resolve the problem? What could be the source of this noise and vibration, and could a new toilet fixture be the simple answer

Re: Noisy tank shut-off after flushing

It could be the fill valve in the toilet or a loose washer in the supply valve feeding the toilet.


Re: Noisy tank shut-off after flushing

To fix your problem, replace the fill valve and the angle stop, as John suggested - about $12 worth - and the noises will most likely disappear. You must know how to do it, or you end up with leaks and floods.

If you want to replace the entire toilet with a modern toilet, go ahead, but replace the angle stop, flex water supply and wax ring too.

Momma Shack
Re: Noisy tank shut-off after flushing

Thank you, John and DJ. I do plan to install a modern toilet and knew about the wax ring. Thanks for the tip about the angle valve. I can check with my Home Improvement Guy for how to advice. Glad I don't have to go into the wall or floor for faulty plumbing.

Re: Noisy tank shut-off after flushing

It’s easy to fix a fix valve. Here’s a video that I picked up on eHow: http://www.ehow.com/video_4419071_replace-toilet-fill-valve.html

Re: Noisy tank shut-off after flushing

The noisy pipes after a toilet flushes are basically shock waves traveling through the pipes. There are fixes to this problem, either at the toilet or at the pipes.

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