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mike ryan
Noisy pipes when flushing?

Once the toilet is flushed in our upstairs full bath, the pipes make this terrible fog horn sounding noise when filling the tank back. Please help? :confused:

Re: Noisy pipes when flushing?

Sometimes a faulty vacuum breaker on the water line will cause this

Re: Noisy pipes when flushing?

The exact thing is happening in our house...in the upstairs bath, when you flush the toilet....15-30 seconds later a lound noise, kind of like a horn or muffled alarm is heard throughout the house. Did you confirm the cause of the problem? I am on the verge of calling a plumber.

Re: Noisy pipes when flushing?

It's either the fill valve, replace with fluidmaster 200,(most likely) or there is debris lodged behind the shut-off valve to the water closet.


Re: Noisy pipes when flushing?

Yup, a common problem with fill valves just replace the ballcock with a new fluid master and your good. Easy to do and fairly cheap.
Here's a how to link: http://www.plumbinghelp.ca/howto_replace_toilet_fill_valve.php

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