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Noisy first heat of day

When my heat (forced hot air) comes on for the first time in the morning, there is a loud "tapping" noise from the hot water feed to the unit in the attic. The plummer has added anti freeze but it still makes noise. He said it happens when the cold water is fed up to the heater. The pipes are the new plastic (sorry cant remember the name) and not copper. The pipes are not banging off the wallsjust a very loud tapping noise - loud enough to wake us up every morning when the heat goes on.
Any help would be appreciated

Re: Noisy first heat of day

This sounds to me like you're hearing pipe expansion noise--after a long off cycle overnight, the hot water coursing thru the pipes to the attic are rubbing against wood, a hold down bracket, etc---this is characteristic of plastic pipe (PEX usually), as well as copper.

You'll have to be there on the spot in the attic using your ears when the heat comes on---it's the only way to locate the noise.

Once you've located the noise it can almost always be fixed by rearranging the hold-down bracket, etc. until the noise goes away.

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