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Noisy Downspout

Noisy Down spout

I have a problem with my downspout. When it is windy (around 40 mph wind), it make a lot of noise. It feels like the downspout wants to separate from the house. I touched it when it was making noise and it was vibrating. It was hard to determine if there was air inside he pipe.

I called a professional gutter and downspout person. He said that the downspout was properly secured to the house. His solution was to move it to the other side of the house. He never came back to do this.

I think that the downspout is not flat against the house. I see a few places where you can see daylight. Is it possible that air is being forced through these spaces? Or is the air going into the downspout pipe from the Gutter and causing it to downspout vibrate.

Rodney H
Re: Noisy Downspout

For starters, I would find a few small pieces of styrofoam, to tuck behind the downspout, to prevent vibration. If this works, you know the problem. Sounds like maybe the straps holding the pipe are not totally snug against the downspout.

You might try adding more straps to the downspout, using a small piece of styrofoam under each strap, so you know it is tight. I doubt if it is just air getting into the pipe, from the top, or bottom.

Good luck, and have a Blessed Christmas.

[email protected]

A. Spruce
Re: Noisy Downspout

I would agree with Reenie that it's probably loose straps. Make sure that all the straps are tight, if there are any loose ones, tighten them. If the fasteners don't hold, change the type of fastener. I would only recommend the foam as a last resort. Another issue is that it could be vibrating against the gutter. Run a screw through the downspout and into the scupper (drop tube from gutter) to stabilize the connection. You'll want to use a screw here so that you can remove the downspout for cleaning or repair when necessary.

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