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1934 House
Noisy Clothes Dryer Vent

My side porch sits about 15 from the side of my neighbor's house. My neighbor's dryer vent is aimed dead-on at my porch. While I normally wouldn't consider this to be a problem, there are a few factors that make it one.

For the amount of time that the dryer is on, it would lead one to think that the Brady Bunch lives next door, not a family of four. Both houses are made of brick and stucco with a concrete driveway running inbetween and no grass. Also, due to the footprint of the houses, it creates something of a megaphone effect with the smaller part of the funnel originating at the vent and larger part being my house.

While venting the dryer through another side of their house would be ideal for me, it's unlikely that my neighbor will have the same point of view. I've found some sound deadening products to can be used to line the vent pipe and even considered the possibility trying a glass-pack muffler (although I'm not even sure if one is available to accomodate a 4 inch opening).

I'd appreciate any brainstorming or proven advice. Thanks.

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